Frozen Time

4:03 AM

Frozen Time

everyday every night, sitting here blankly,
feeling sorry for myself, im depressed quite frankly.

looking for an escape,

but its like my body outta shape.

feels like im stuck in a loop, frozen in time, left on repeat,

with the wrong group, committing crime, but still im incomplete.
tweet, facebook my feelings, and instead of understanding,
there was no heart warming but instead alot of cussing.
there was too much fussing, i decided to stop discussing
withdrawn from my surroundings, but things shock me astounding.
those friends did not care, so why should i even share,
true friends are rare, so f*ck them i swear.
deal with this myself, wont be another fantasy,
anxiously trying to define whether its actually reality.
my minds lost, caught up in past thoughts,
at home alone, but still taking though shots.
trying forget the past,
but instead my mind asked

"you want to move on, but first look you're gone
take a day off in order to live on
your life's a mess
but don't you second guess
remember what's real
all wounds will heal
it just takes time
soon everything will be fine"

with that my mind eased, as if it was pleased,
tick tock time thawed, no longer seized.

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